2020 Photos

Erik Lunsford from Lutheran Hour Ministries saw our Altar from the Worship services we posted and he wanted to come in and take a few photos. Here is what he took.

Confirmation of Ratna Mangar, Marshang Tamang, Tra-Mi Truong, Thao-Vy Truong, and Charleigh Williams & Baptism of Bryson Samal

Meet our new seminary students from St. John’s. The Nepalese leaders Nabin Samal and Ratna Magar will start their vicarage here at St. John’s.

Hot Dogs! Last week during our food pantry give away we also gave away hot dogs.  Provided by Steve Hot Dogs and a group from St. Paul Des Peres handing out to our community.


This week Eagle, though still teaching virtually, provided their families with added eye care, by bringing on the property a mobil unit to check children’s eyes and if needed making the glasses right on the premises.