Facility Use

We are open to people who would like to use our facilities for many types of events. Attached below is a calendar of what is already scheduled for the month. The church controls the Church and the Fellowship Hall. The EAGLE School has control over the cafeteria and gym.

Feel free to email stjohnslcstl@gmail.com or call 314-773-0126 with any questions or inquiries. Please call or email for Wedding or Funeral inquires because those go through Pastor Tanney

January 2022 Building Use Calendar

February 2022 Building Use Calendar

March 2022 Building Use Calendar

April 2022 Building Use

May 2022 Building Use

June 2022 Building Use

July 2022 Building Use

August 2022 Building Use

September 2022 Building Use

2021 Facility Use

2020 Facility Use

If you would like to use any of the facilities, please fill out the proper form and email it back to us:

Use this form for the Fellowship Hall or Church St Johns Fellowship Hall and Church use

Use This form Gym or Cafeteria(St. Johns form is also include in this one) EAGLE Gym and Cafeteria use