We would love it if you came to worship with us!

What Can I Expect?

What is a typical service like?
All of our worship services start at 9:00am. Non-Communion Sunday’s typically last between 50-60 minutes. Communion Sunday’s typically last 60-75 minutes.

What is a Joint Service?
A Joint Service is a special service that we have on the last Sunday of each month (that includes Communion) with the Nepalese Community that worship at our Church. We worship together both in English and Nepalese. These services typically start a little late and usually lasts 70-80 minutes.

What kind of music is played?
The majority of the songs we sing come from the Lutheran Service Book and are played by a Pipe Organ. We do sometimes sing more Contemporary music that is played by guitar and piano, especially during our Joint Services with the Nepalese.

What should I wear?
There are people who like to dress up to come to church, some who like to keep it casual, and others who like to keep it business casual. It is up to you on what you want to wear, we just ask you to keep from clothing that depicts foul language or gestures, tobacco or alcohol products.

Where should I park?
We have a parking lot on the North side of the building. You may also park on the street in front of the Church on Morgan Ford Rd.

How long does a service last?
Non-Communion Sunday’s typically last between 50-60 minutes. Communion Sunday’s typically last 60-75 minutes.

When is Communion offered?
Communion is offered on the 2nd & 4th/5th Sunday of every month.

Is there anything for kids?
We have a children’s message during each service. We have Sunday School, with the Nepalese children during their worship (and our Bible Study). We also are posting a video every Sunday for the children. Those can be found here.

Where are the bathrooms located?
All bathrooms are located downstairs.

Is the Church handicap accessible?
Yes. We have an elevator that can be accessed through the street level Morgan Ford Door.

Where do I enter the Church?
There are 2 red doors on the Morgan Ford (West) side of the Church, which is the main entrance. There is also the street level Morganford Door.

How is offering collected?
Our Ushers will walk down the aisle with collection plates that have handles. These are not passed through the pews.

Are there any special services?
We typically have Wednesday night services during Advent and Lent. Check out our Worship Service page for times and dates of special services.