Usher’s BBQ – Saturday, April 8, 2017


Delivery Available For 4 Or More Orders
Any questions or Advance orders call Craig @ (314) 302-4771 or the church office (314) 773-0126
Email orders to by April 7, 2017
To order on the day of the barbecue call (314) 773-0126
Sponsored by the members of St. Johns Lutheran Church Ushers

Coming on PBS in 2017 Martin Luther: An Idea That Changed the World

The radical events, compelling personalities, and exciting drama of the Reformation are brought to life in Martin Luther: An Idea That Changed the World. The full-length documentary features thrilling reenactments of the sixteenth-century events with commentary from leading church-history experts. Watch the trailer now, and keep your eye out for the full documentary in 2017.