2021 Photos

Here are some of the students that we mentored during the 20-21 school year in our Virtual Learning Center

Simon and Grace from the Nepalese Community got engaged

During the Shine servant event, we went to Oak Hill Elementary to plant some community gardens and did some painting

Lent 2021


ESL took a trip to the Cardinals game

Our Member, Jonah Drush, graduated from Missouri Baptist University


Jenova Samal was born

Milo Tanney was baptized

We were happy to get back out to the park this year for our picnic


Simon and Grace from the Nepalese Community got married. They all met at ST. Johns early in the morning and took a bus down to Tennessee

Our Food Pantry was happy to be able to let people inside again

Pastor Tanney was able to meet with his Ridgewood Bible Study again


We took a canoe trip 

Members Jonah and Victoria got married


The Elders had a night out at El Maguey 


Prem and Binita from the Nepalese Community had a baby

The Nepalese Community celebrated Bryson’s 2nd birthday