7/20/15 150 Days of Prayer – Day 64

Lord God, my Father, I praise You for the gift of Your holy Word, the Bible! Surely it is the book of books in which I find an honest description of my utter depravity, my inability to save myself, and the marvelous message of the sacrifice of Your only Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross. Bless my study of the Book in church and in my home. For Jesus’ sake hear our prayer, forgive me of my sins and short-comings, help me to bring my friends to You, and lead me on a closer walk with You this week. Amen.

Meditation Question:

How does the Gospel free us?

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One thought on “7/20/15 150 Days of Prayer – Day 64

  1. The Gospel frees me from ever working out my salvation on my own. Jesus has done it all for me. Thank you Jesus.


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