Week One of Pray for the Nation: Togo, Africa


Togolese Republic


Rev. Gary & Stephanie Schulte LCMS Missionaries in Togo

Challenges for Prayer

· Please pray for the Schultes, missionaries from Missouri, as they serve in Togo. Ask God to give them and their four children strength as they are so far away from each other. Pray God continues to preserve Gary and Stephanie’s good physical and spiritual well-being while they are on the mission field. Ask God to grant them success in sharing the life-giving message of the Gospel as they seek to free people from the bondage of their traditional beliefs. Pray that God continues to raise up faithful indigenous pastors throughout the region. Ask God to grant success to Stephanie’s new medical ministry in the midst of such great physical need.

· The political and economic situation remains unstable. The military coup and unfair elections created resentment between the southern and central-northern peoples. Pray that God breaks down the bitterness between them. Pray for an end to human trafficking and prostitution and for effective ways to fight poverty.

· The Church in Togo is slowly growing. National goals to reach every home and plant a church in every village brought some unity and growth, but division remains. Pray that newer and older churches might work together for God’s glory.

· Most of the population still participate in animistic and voodoo rituals, and many Christians join in. Pray for strong powers of darkness work within Togo.

· Muslims dominate the marketplace and education. Oil-rich Muslim countries send money to build mosques, schools, and charity projects. Pray for Christian workers to focus on Muslim evangelism within the high concentration of Muslims in urban areas.