April/May 2020 Messenger

Here is the Messenger for April and May. Included are calendars for April and May. A majority of events most likely will not happen due to this stay-at-home order. However, this is how the calendar will look once this lock down is lifted. As I try to do, I will keep you as updated as I can.
Also included is a message from Pastor about COVID-19. This was written before the stay-at-home order was issued. As of now, Pastor wants to keep our doors open and will try to stay under the 10 person limit. This will not be easy to control, which is why we are working diligently to bring you media content. Please give this a read, let me know if you have any questions, and I will post updates to the website and Facebook as they become available to me.

2 thoughts on “April/May 2020 Messenger

  1. Are you trying to upload a video of the worship service to either the church’s website and/or the church’s Facebook page (the latter is much easier)?

    Or, are you trying to setup a “live feed” of the worship service (much more difficult)?

    May God bless you all, now & always!


  2. I read the note in the current Messenger from Jonah about uploading the video of the worship services to YouTube then linking to it from the website & FaceBook – great!

    BTW: these will be a fantastic way to “spread the Word” as anyone will be able to share the links from the website, FB page &/or YouTube to whomever they want to share it (many, many people will appreciate it, esp. as they, like all of us, are “searching”!


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