Sunday Preview for August 9th, 2020

You are invited to join us for Worship with Communion on Sunday at 9 am (we are socially distant and masks are encourage) or online on Monday when our video is posted.
This Sunday we will be reading from:
Job 38:4–18 (God tells Job of His lordship over all creation.)
Romans 10:5–17 (Faith comes from hearing the Gospel.)
Matthew 14:22–33 (Jesus walks on the water on the Sea of Galilee.)
We will be singing hymns:
LSB 726 Evening and Morning
LSB 717 Eternal Father, Strong to Save
LSB 621 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
LSB 622 Lord Jesus Christ, You Have Prepared
LSB 730 What is the World to Me
The sermon will focus on the Job reading. We will ask ourselves “why does God talk to Job if it’s not to explain Job’s suffering?”. This message will flush out the purpose of God questioning Job.