Sunday Preview for August 16th, 2020

You are invited to join us for Worship without Communion on Sunday at 9 am (we are socially distant and masks are encourage) or online on Monday when our video is posted.

This Sunday we will be reading from:
Isaiah 56:1, 6–8 (God’s house of prayer is for all people.)
Romans 11:1–2a, 13–15, 28–32 (God will have mercy on both Jew and Gentile.)
Matthew 15:21–28 (Jesus heals the daughter of a beseeching woman.)

We will be singing hymns:
LSB 832 Jesus Shall Reign
LSB 653 In Christ There Is No East or West
LSB 922 Go, My Children, with My Blessing

The sermon will focus on the Isaiah reading. We will hear the Lord speak about his salvation that will come to his people and to foreigners. We will also hear how He invites all of us to call on Him in prayer and that He will gather others into His fold that are not part of His flock.