Sunday Preview for September 27th, 2020

You are invited to join us for our Joint Worship with Communion on Sunday at 9 am (we are socially distant and masks are encouraged) or online on Monday when our video is posted.
This Sunday we will be reading from:
2 Kings 22:8-13
John 5:37-40
We will be singing hymns/songs:
Awesome God
Thank You, Thank You Jesus
Jesus Loves Me
LSB 655 Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word
You Are My All In All
LSB 618 I Come, O Savior, to Thy Table
LSB 806 Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart
Thy Word
This Sunday is Bible Translation Sunday. The sermon will look at the text from 2 Kings and is titled “The Building Without The Book”.
King Josiah has ordered the repair of the temple. Solomon’s temple! As they go about their work they come across a book. Apparently the king doesn’t even know what book it is, apparently he didn’t know it was missing. Well, it just happens to be the book—the Book of the Law. For who knows how long, they’ve been functioning, doing all these religious things, without it. And doing just fine??? Uh, no. Of course, not! And that’s no surprise. Imagine the Building Without the Book!