Sunday Preview for 11/01/2020

You are invited to join us for Worship on Sunday at 9 am (we are socially distant and masks are encouraged) or online on Monday when our video is posted.
This Sunday we will be reading from:
Revelation 7:9–17 (Saints around God’s throne know eternal
salvation after having endured persecution.)
1 John 3:1–3 (We are already God’s children.)
Matthew 5:1–12 (Jesus’ followers are blessed now because of His sure promises.)
We will be singing hymns/songs:
LSB 676 Behold a Host, Arrayed in White
LSB 677 For All the Saints
LSB 672 Jerusalem the Golden
There’s a crowd in our reading today. The question posed to John by the elder was “Who are they?”
If you just look into Johns vision in Revelation 7 you may guess they are Jews, (and you would be right) but as you continue to look beyond you will see a multitude of people of different nations and languages. Our message today goes deeper. We will hear they are the poor in spirit, the hungry and thirsty ones for righteousness, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, and especially the persecuted ones. But with all the differences, they all have something in common. They are all… well, stay tuned Sunday and find out.