Week Two Pray for the Nations: Cameroon Africa


Republic of Cameroon


Martin and Joan Weber

Lutheran Bible Translators

Currently residing in Cameroon

Challenges for Prayer

Martin and Joan Weber live in Cameroon and for over 25 years they have been mentoring their translation team, training literacy teachers and developing audio Scripture materials for Lutheran Bible Translators. Pray for daily vision, wisdom, and strength from the Lord as they serve Him and His people in Cameroon! Pray for healing for Joan as she suffers from filaria.

Cameroon faces internal forces that could disable the nation. Cameroon is blessed with material resources, relative stability and diversity; these all have their costs and risks.

· Widespread and deeply entrenched corruption, for decades, has crippled Cameroon’s economic and political progress. Pray that those stealing from the nation would be caught and stopped; pray also for a change in people’s lax attitude toward and acceptance of corruption.

· Deep divisions of language, politics and faith are all potential flashpoints of tension and violence. Cameroon is divided between French and English regions, between Christian, Muslim and traditional religions, between government cronies and increasingly frustrated opposition. Pray for God to raise up reconcilers and peacemakers in this divided land.

· Integrity in leadership will make a difference if even just a few key people speak, act and live with integrity. Pray for leaders who will be examples of righteousness and transparency rather than perpetuators of the status quo.

Support ministries for which intercession is needed:

· Christian literatureis a major need as well as opportunity. More literature workers, both expatriate and national, are needed for writing, publishing and distributing French, English and local-language materials. Christian radio programsand stations are an area of growth, especially in the Anglophone West. Visual media. A number of Christian television is beginning to appear in Cameroon – Pray that Christian television and other media might be a blessing for reaching the unreached and building

up the body of Christ.