Week Two: Pray for the Nations : Sierra Leon, Africa

Republic of

Sierre Leone, Africa

Challenges for Prayer

· The nation now moves forward. Thank God for the end of 11 years of chaos that claimed up to 100,000 lives, crippled many thousands, and harmed most of the population in some way.

· Sierra Leone was ranked as the world’s poorest country for most of the last 10 years. It has the highest infant and mother mortality rates, and widespread disease. Life expectancy stays around age 47. Pray for God to fulfill longings for safety, stability, food, work and honesty from its leaders, and for not further violence.

· Secret societies and their occult influence shape the country deeply. Pray for God to bind these dark powers, and to break the influence of secret societies. Pray that Christians will live lives of faith and depend on Jesus alone for provision, protection, and power.

· Churches must be places of compassion, healing and forgiveness for the orphans, former child soldiers or slaves, the victims of rape and amputation, those who suffer mental trauma, and also for those who committed these deeds. Many congregations, buildings, organizations, and especially relationships must be rebuilt. Pray for many more workers who can provide holistic ministry, leadership training, and Bible translation.

· Pray for the least reached. Pray that Christian witness to Muslim peoples will be clear and bold, and also sensitive and humble.