Pray for the Nations: Week 5 Germany and Spain

Germany Europe

Rev. David and Lois Mahsman

Career Missionaries Missouri District

Area: 357,042 sq km
Strategically placed in the centre of Europe and of the expanding EU. Population: 82,056,775

Challenges for Prayer

David and Lois ask your prayers for the entire Eurasia mission team and the necessary gifts and servant hearts to carry out the work to which God has called them. They ask, “Please pray with us that the Holy Spirit would open the hearts of people in eastern Germany to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and receive the free gift of eternal life that Jesus won for us.”

The decline of Christianity has drawn believers together. Prayer movements are forming and spreading as are city- and region-wide unity initiatives among churches, a revitalized spirituality and an openness to a new way of “doing faith”.
The Spiritual health if Germany is currently in decay. Destructive criticism of the Bible weakened the church and opened the way for pagan Nazi rule in the 20th century. New Age, the occult, Satanism and new forms of old pagan religions all gain followers. Horrible crimes and murders recently increased, along with depression and suicide rates. Pray for God to raise up leaders who will love righteousness and strong moral values, even when they face temptation to compromise.
The German church needs another deep and lasting reformation, like Martin Luther started 500 years ago. Most people don’t see the church as relevant to society in their lives, and hostility towards Christians increases. Pray for a genuine faith in the bible.
Millions of immigrants, guest workers, students and refugees came to Germany since 1989. Many arrive illegally, and some have connections with international crime networks. Some are vibrant Christians, but most do not know the gospel. German society and government struggle to react will to the inflow of people and some have reacted with violence or bitterness towards immigrants. Pray for immigrant churches to reach out cross-culturally to their host country and to other migrant neighbors. Pray for outreach to the Turks, Kurds, Iranians, North African Arabs, Berbers, Bosnian Muslims and Jews that have come to Germany as immigrants.

Spain Kingdom of Spain Europe

Rev. Adam and Christine Lehman Church Planter Missouri DistrictGeography

Area: 504,783 sq km
The major part of the Iberian peninsula and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Also included are the Canary Islands off northwest Africa and the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast.
Population: 45,450,497 Annual Growth: 1.02%
Capital: Madrid

Challenges for Prayer

Please pray for Adam and Christine as they serve in Spain. Pray for a smooth transition to life overseas for them and their children. Please pray for the church in Spain including its pastors and seminarians. Ask God to bless the work being done in this country through the preaching of His Word and the administration of the Sacraments. Please also pray the hearts of people here in the United States are moved through the power of the Holy Spirit to pray for and to financially support the Lehmans so they can “go with” this family on this journey of faith. Let us give thanks to God that Adam, Christine and their family are serving His people in this part of the world.

Spain is the world’s heaviest users of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Around 2 million take drugs, most of them young people. Over100,000 addicts have found freedom through various rehabilitation ministries. Ask God to grant love, power, and wisdom to all who work for the salvation of the Spanish people.
Pray for Christian workers to serve in less-evangelized areas.Pray that new bible translations in conversational Spanish will reach the various peoples of Spain.

Pray especially for: unreached cities (over 345), The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Pray for the cities to be bridges for the gospel to reach into North Africa! The Basques. The Basque people are ancient and proud. Pray for God to break down the centuries-old suspicions and fears towards outsiders.